Visiting address:

Fish Pool ASA, FANTERIA, Fantoftvegen 38   N-5072 Bergen, Norway


Tel.:(+47) 55 70 67 00

sorenSøren Martens, Managing Director

Dir. line.: +47 55 70 67 02   Mob.: +47 93 08 22 35




simenSimen Thorbeck, Head of Trading

Dir. line.: +47 55 70 67 05   Mob.: +47 971 60 740





Ceselia Høyvik Rokne, Junior Exchange Broker

Dir. line.: +47 55 70 67 04   Mob.: +47 97 78 50 79




piotrPiotr C. Wingaard, Head of Sales

Dir. line.: +47 55 70 67 03   Mob.: +47 926 68 864




Vibeke2Vibeke Juriks, Business Developer

Dir. line.: +47 55 70 67 06   Mob.: +47 481 06 946

Fish Pool Board of Directors


Bente A. Landsnes, President and CEO Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA/Oslo Børs ASA. Holds positions as chairman and member of the Board in the Oslo Børs-group

Background: Group Executive VP at DnBNOR and Gjensidige NOR, leading positions in Sparebanken NOR. Comprehensive experience as member of Boards of Directors.


Board members:

Geir Heggem, Senior Vice President and CFO Oslo Børs ASA since 2002

Background: Associate at Coopers  & Lybrand and analyst at Oslo Børs ASA.


Øivind Amundsen, Senior Vice President Legal Affairs and Primary Market at Oslo Børs ASA since 2009.

Background: Partner in the lawfirm Selmer, Executive VP Corporate Affairs in KLP, legal department Oslo Børs ASA


Jostein Refsnes, Managing Director of Fish Link Consulting AS.

Background:  Former CEO of Hydro Seafood AS and Chairman of Fiskeri- og Havbruksnæringens Landsforening (FHL). Comprehensive experience from leading positions in various seafood  companies and as a member/chairman of Boards of Directors in the salmon industry.

Ingrid Kassen, Managing Director of Norwell AS

Background: Comprehensive knowledge of the salmon industry from positions in Sparebanken Flora Bremanger and EWOS, latest as Credit Manager in EWOS AS. Former engagement as Member of the Board of Cermaq ASA, currently as Member of the Control Committee of Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane and several other initiatives for industry development in Sogn og Fjordane.