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New Rulebook at Fish Pool from January 3rd 2018

From Jan 3rd 2018 the EU regulation MiFID II enters into force.  MiFID = Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

Fish Pool has thus an updated Rulebook. Short info about main aim of MiFID II and consequences for our Trade members:

  1. Trading at exchanges to avoid counterpart risks and “domino effects” if market participants go bankrupt.  Fish Pool operates cleared future contracts, thus fulfilling this aim.  Bilateral contracts with known counterparts will not be possible any more.  Appendix 4 is thus deleted.
  2. Transparent costs of trading.  No change. Fish Pool has always been transparent and treats all Trade members equally
  3. Full pre- and post-trade transparency.  No change: has always given open information about buy and sell orders. Price and volume in all contracts has also been transparent and open information
  4. Best execution.  All orders must be on-screen. Off-screen orders are no longer possible so that all Trade members can be sure of having access to best price and execution
  5. Restrict access to exchange:  Investment firms with a license and companies that use Fish Pool contracts as ancillary (an addition) to their main business can be members. All existing Trade members may thus continue, given that they notify local authorities during Q1 each year. We will give you more info and help here. Companies having as only activity to trade Fish Pool contracts will not have access
  6. Documentation and reporting of trades.  All companies must be identified with LEI – Legal Entity Identifier – and each trader with personal ID. Fish Pool will report on behalf of all trade members to a central European register
  7. Control of purpose of hedge and dominant positions.  Financial authorities will set maximum positions for companies that are not hedging. Our trade members must inform if trades are for Hedging or non-hedging purpose. Largest group of Trade members have had on average only 13% of total traded volume at Fish Pool latest 4 years, and all trades are mainly hedging. We do not expect any practical consequence here

Conclusion:  We do not expect our trade members to notice any great change or practical consequence of the new MiFID II rules.  See own email from Vibeke for LEI etc.

Fees for Trading.  Trading fee is unchanged at 0,10 NOK/kg. There are still no fixed costs of being Fish Pool members, only variable trading fees. Fee discounts is changed, still 0,07 NOK/kg for trading more than 20.000 tons. The discount for trading more than 10.000 tons has been removed. Clearing fees are also unchanged, updated fee – list for 2018 is available on

The total Rulebook has been updated and clarified.  The chapters of Trade errors and liabilities have been rewritten to clarify the Fish Pool responsibility.

Fish Pool Rulebook from January 3rd 2018:

Agreements for trading at Fish Pool ASA

Trade membership agreement

Non-Clearing membership agreement

Financial Institutions Trade Membship Agreement

Broker membership agreement

Rulebook and appendices:

Rulebook 5.1

Appendix 1 Product specifications

Appendix 2 Fish Pool Index

Appendix 3 Fee list 2018

Appendix 5 ETS-agreement

Appendix 5-2 App til ETS

Appendix 6 Market Conduct Rules

Appendix 7 Etiske regler

Appendix 8 Options

Appendix 9 Market Maker Agreement


Presentations Christmas Seminar

Team Fish Pool and Team Nasdaq Clearing wish to thank the lecturers and participants for attending this year’s Christmas Seminar. We had a great time and hope you had too!

Download the presentations below:

Welcome by Søren Martens Fish Pool

Bull signals by Vidar Strat ABG Sundal Collier

Bear signals by Tore Tønseth Sparebank1 Markets

Status Chile by Dag Sletmo DNB Bank

Risk management and contracts by Arne Aarhus Ocean Quality

We hope to meet you all again next year!


Presentations Fish Pool/DNB Brussels Seminar

The presentations from Fish Pool/DNB Brussels Seminar Monday 24 April 2017 is available below.

We want to take this opportunity to invite you all back to next year’s seminar.


Market and Trade Surveillance

Oslo Børs (Oslo Stock Exchange) Market Surveillance has on request from Fish Pool AS
A (Fish Pool) conducted a control and analysis of trades completed at thesherlock-holmes-2 Fish Pool Exchange from 01.01.2014 to 27.10.2016.

The market surveillance at Oslo Børs has not discovered any signs or indications on market manipulation based on the criteria in the Regulations to the Securities Trading Act during the three-year period.

Read the report here.

Presentations from Fish Pool/Nasdaq Christmas Seminar

The Christmas seminar was (as always) fully booked. Please find the presentations below:

Welcome by Søren Martens (Fish Pool)

Salmon price forecast by Vidar Strat ABG

Learning from a different market by Thomas Angell, Kinect Energy

Macroeconomics – the Holberg way by Egil Herman Sjursen Part 1 and Part 2, Holbergfondene

Decision making in trending markets by Mads Nordmo, BI (no presentation)