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Change in Fish Pool Index and trading fees

Dear Fish Pool members

Fish Pool Board of Directors has decided to change Fish Pool Rulebook Appendix 2 and 3. The information letter and the new appendicies are available below.

Team Fish Pool encourage all trade members to read the information letter carefully.

Do not hesitate to contact any member of Team Fish Pool if you have any questions.


Fish Pool/Nasdaq Christmas Seminar 2015

130 participants visited Fish Pool offices Wednesday the 25th of November for Christmas Seminar and a traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner. Please find the presentations below:

1. Fish Pool Update

2. Pareto Securities – Price development 2016

3. NERSC – Forecasting sea surface temperatures for the Norwegian Sea

4. Kontali Analyse – A decision based on facts

5. DNB – Chile: Another horror story or time to be jolly


Fish Pool Rulebook update

clause-271038Fish Pool Board of Directors has decided on an update of the Fish Pool Rulebook and appendices. The changes in version 4.3 are:

  • New routine for confirmation of cleared trades. The earlier version of Fish Pool Rulebook contained rules for double confirmation of all cleared trades done, both by Fish Pool and by Nasdaq to be sure to avoid errors. This has however caused extra work for the trading parties.  We have decided to remove this paragraph together with Nasdaq, so from April 15th trades will only be confirmed to Fish Pool.
  • Fish Pool Salmon Index 2015 (FPSA15) was introduced in 2013 to separate trades done with sales price Oslo as the settlement price.  All trades entered at Fish Pool are from January 2015 onwards settled with sales price Oslo as the settlement price, and the old NOS price (buying price Oslo) is history.   It is therefore decided to go back to the initial name of the settlement price: Fish Pool Index™ (FPI™).
  • Several minor changes and corrections have also been included in this Rulebook change.

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