Nasdaq Salmon Index

The Nasdaq Salmon Index is the weighted average of weekly reported sales prices and corresponding volumes in fresh Superior Atlantic Salmon, head on gutted (HOG), reported to Nasdaq Commodities by a panel of Norwegian salmon exporters and salmon producers with export license. Nasdaq Salmon Index is an exporters selling price.

Nasdaq Salmon Index is published every Tuesday. Fish Pool emails the report to all subscribers. Subscribe at the link below.

Nasdaq Salmon Price Archive






For more information on Nasdaq Salmon Index:

  • Download the most frequently asked questions about the difference between the old NOS price and the new Nasdaq Salmon Index.
  • Learn about the procedures reporting exporters must follow.
  • For historical data:
      • 2015 and onwards: follow this link and click on Historical Prices.
      • Week 14-2013 until end 2014: download this excel spreadsheet with historical Nasdaq prices.
      • 1995 until week 13-2013: download this excel spreadsheet excel spreadsheet with historical FHL and NOS prices.