Fish Pool Index™

Fish Pool ASA does not offer trade of physical fish. In order to settle the financial forward contracts, a reference price reflecting the actual spot price of Fresh Atlantic Salmon is needed. Hence Fish Pool has established a synthetic market price, named the Fish Pool Index™, which is the basis for settlement of all financial salmon contracts at Fish Pool.

The aim of the reference price is to:

  • Give a correct reflection of the market price
  • Be possible to re-examine/verify
  • Not possible to manipulate
  • Be transparent and available
  • Remain neutral to all parties

Fish Pool Index™ is composed of three index elements related to the average weekly spot price of buying and selling of Fresh Atlantic Salmon. These elements are:

  • Nasdaq Salmon Index; Exporter’s selling prices
  • Fish Pool European Buyers Index; Large purchasers purchase price
  • Statistics Norway customs statistics (SSB); Norwegian export statistics

The Nasdaq price SUP3-6 is the reference point of the FPI from 2015.

The price index is calculated as a monthly settlement price based on the 4-5 weekly price elements. The Trading Calendar publish which weeks are included in each month.

The price index is based on a weighted weekly average of sizes 3-6 kg, superior quality, head-on gutted. The prices of the three main size categories, 3-4 kg, 4-5 kg and 5-6 kg are highly correlated.

The Fish Pool Index™ bases the calculation on the following fixed size distribution:

  • 3-4 kg: 30 %
  • 4-5 kg: 40 %
  • 5-6 kg: 30 %

All financial contracts at Fish Pool are settled on a monthly basis against Fish Pool Index™. The index is published weekly here.

The table below illustrate the weight of the different index elements.

FPI 2015

From week 1 2019 the weight of the three index elements is slightly adjusted:


The index elements differ in complexity. Nasdaq Salmon Index and Fish Pool European Buyers Index quote a price per size.



At the beginning of 2015, Fish Pool Index™ changed point of delivery from exporters purchase price Oslo, to exporters selling price Oslo. Read more about this change in the reference price here.

From January 1st 2016 a new index element was included in Fish Pool Index. Read more about the change here and download information on Fish Pool European Buyers Index here.