Fish Pool Index™

Fish Pool ASA does not offer trade of physical fish. In order to settle the financial forward contracts, a reference price reflecting the actual spot price of Fresh Atlantic Salmon is needed. Hence Fish Pool has established a synthetic market price, named the Fish Pool Index™, which is the basis for settlement of all financial salmon contracts at Fish Pool.

The aim of the reference price is to:

  • Give a correct reflection of the market price
  • Be possible to re-examine/verify
  • Not possible to manipulate
  • Be transparent and available
  • Remain neutral to all parties

Fish Pool Index™ is composed of three index elements related to the average weekly spot price of buying and selling of Fresh Atlantic Salmon. These elements are:

  • Nasdaq Salmon Index; Exporter’s selling prices
  • Fish Pool European Buyers Index; Large purchasers purchase price
  • Statistics Norway customs statistics (SSB); Norwegian export statistics

The Nasdaq price SUP3-6 is the reference point of the FPI from 2015.

The price index is calculated as a monthly settlement price based on the 4-5 weekly price elements. The Trading Calendar publish which weeks are included in each month.

The price index is based on a weighted weekly average of sizes 3-6 kg, superior quality, head-on gutted. The prices of the three main size categories, 3-4 kg, 4-5 kg and 5-6 kg are highly correlated.

The Fish Pool Index™ bases the calculation on the following fixed size distribution:

  • 3-4 kg: 30 %
  • 4-5 kg: 40 %
  • 5-6 kg: 30 %

All financial contracts at Fish Pool are settled on a monthly basis against Fish Pool Index™. The index is published weekly here.

The table below illustrate the weight of the different index elements.


The index elements differ in complexity. Nasdaq Salmon Index and Fish Pool European Buyers Index quote a price per size.



At the beginning of 2015, Fish Pool Index™ changed point of delivery from exporters purchase price Oslo, to exporters selling price Oslo. Read more about this change in the reference price here.

From January 1st 2016 a new index element was included in Fish Pool Index. Read more about the change here and download information on Fish Pool European Buyers Index here.