Fee list

There are no membership fees at Fish Pool and no fees for entering buy or sales orders. Fees are only to be paid when an order has been matched.

  • Cleared contract: Anonymous trading with Nasdaq as counterpart and with automatic settlement. Fees are debited the settlement account directly after each trade by Nasdaq.
  • Bilateral contract: Contract with known counterpart and counterpart risk. Fees are invoiced the month after trading by Fish Pool ASA.

Fees are charged in accordance with the current Fish Pool Rulebook with appendixes. Fish Pool Rulebook with appendixes presents the correct fee list in a case of deviations between the below fee list and Fish Pool Rulebook. Please see Fish Pool Rulebook for further information.


Options are charged 0,05 NOK/kg in trading fee and 0,05 NOK/kg in clearing fee. Options are at present delisted.


1. Annual volume discount (for cleared contracts only):


Any Trade Member interested in committing to a volume threshold must enter an agreement with Fish Pool by the end of January every year.

A member trading more than 10 000 or 20 000 tonnes per year without having committed to a given volume receives the same trading discount for all volumes traded above 10 000 or 20 000 tonnes per year.


Discount example1-2016

2. Discount for Financial Institutions and General Clearing Members (GCM)

Financial institutions with a license for trading on behalf of and for the account of a third party and who has signed a Financial institutions membership agreement with Fish Pool or a General Clearing Membership agreement with Nasdaq pay a total of 0,13 NOK/kg for trading and clearing without volume discounts:

  • Variable trading fee 0,07 NOK/kg
  • Variable clearing fee 0,06 NOK/kg

GCMs pay an annual fixed clearing membership fee of EUR 25.000.

3. Strategy discounts

Customers trading cleared strategies can get a 50 % discount if the strategy is accepted as such by Fish Pool and Nasdaq. A strategy may for example be:

  • time spreads (e.g. buy Q1 and sell Q2 contracts)
  • option strategies with several legs

4.  Broker fees and Index fee

  • A broker fee of 0,03 NOK/kg, totalling 0,06 NOK/kg or 60 NOK/tonnes, is to be paid to Fish Pool for Block Trade Contracts submitted to Fish Pool for clearing with Nasdaq.
  • For the purposes of Settlement of bilateral contracts between a Financial Trade Member and its clients, an Index fee of 0,05 NOK/kg, totalling 0,10 NOK/kg or 100 NOK/tonnes, is to be paid to Fish Pool.

Clearing fees

Please check Nasdaq Rulebook appendix 7 for updated information on clearing fees.