Key business partners

Fish Pool works close with several companies both in the salmon and the financial sector. These are our most important strategic partners:


Oslo Børs ASA (Oslo Stock Exchange) was founded in 1819 and operates the only stock exchange in Norway. The main goal is to be the key market for listing and trading of financial instruments in the Norwegian market. Oslo Børs and Fish Pool represent the world’s leading financial cluster for the seafood sector. Oslo Børs is the largest exhange for seafood companies, both in terms of number of listings, and market cap. For more information about the seafood sector at Oslo Børs, see this link.

Investor protection and surveillance/quality insurance of the market participants combined with attractive securities is the core of the Oslo Børs strategy. As the worlds leading seafood exchange companies come to Oslo Børs for IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), for securing turnover for their shares and get access to a broad and world leading analytical coverage. Norway is the world’s second largest seafood exporter. This is also reflected in the fact that Oslo Stock Exchange has developed to be the world’s most important exchange for financial investors interested in seafood investments.

Oslo Børs is the majority owner of Fish Pool and several daily operations are performed by Oslo Børs on behalf of Fish Pool. These operations include accounting, Market and Index Surveillance.

Oslo Børs is 100% owned by av Oslo Børs VPS Holding ASA.






Nasdaq is a central counterpart clearinghouse (CCP) with a clearinghouse license from the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and is under supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. Norway is a member of the European Economic Area meaning that EU legislation and regulatory development has strong influence on the rules and regulation under which NOS operates.

Nasdaq is a specialized clearing house for OTC traded derivatives. Innovation, member support and development of new markets in co-operation with the industrial players, are among the strengths of Nasdaq.

Close to all contracts entered at Fish Pool are cleared through Nasdaq. Nasdaq participate in most of Fish Pools seminars and events.


Oslo Market Solutions_fullfarge_png

Oslo Market Solutions is a leading provider of web based equity trading platforms and market data portals. The company is a part of the Oslo Børs VPS Group and formerly known as Manamind.

Oslo Market Solutions’ goal is to give market participants easy access to information providing insight in the financial markets.

Oslo Market Solutions developed Fish Pools tailor made trading screen and back office system during 2014 and 2015.


Kontali Analyse_logo_blå

Kontali Analyse AS is the leading provider of analyses for the aquaculture and fishing industry.

Since the foundation in 1993 Kontali Analyse has assisted decision making processes within the aquaculture and fishing industry, governmental bodies and fishery and aquaculture organisations worldwide.

Kontali Analyse’s work is founded on professional expertise and comprehensive information systems. Kontali Analyses activities reach further than its analytical operations, as the company also publishes a wide range of publications and special reports.