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Brussels seminar 2020 is cancelled

Fish Pool and DNB Seafood is sorry to inform that our seminar in Brussels (Monday 20th of April 2020) is cancelled due to the Seafood Expo in Brussels being postponed.

All ticket fees will be refunded.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or +4755706700 if you have any questions.

We are sorry for the inconvenciene and hope to see you at another of our seminars again.

Best regards
Team Fish Pool
Team DNB

Benchmark regulation

As of January 2nd 2020 Fish Pool complies with the Regulation (EU) 2016/1011 on indices used as benchmarks in financial instruments and financial contracts (called BMR).  Rulebook app 2 “Calculation of Fish Pool Index and Monthly Settlement Price” is thus updated.

For more information, please follow this link for Key elements in our BMR methodology and this link for our complete BMR Methodology. Fish Pool has engaged Kontali Analyse as external auditor of the Fish Pool Index, FPI, and the Monthly Settlement Price, MSP.  Kontali Analyse will evaluate the methodology used and whether the indices are a good reflection of the spot prices for salmon.  They will also evaluate procedures for change, complaints, communication with price suppliers and possible conflicts of interest.  The annual audit report will be published within the end of March each year.


New regulation on Benchmarks in Europe from Jan 2020. Changes in the Fish Pool Index

The Fish Pool Index settlement price will be changed from January 2020:

FPI 2020

Background for the change:

After the LIBOR scandal, where banks manipulated the interest rates, EU has introduced a new regulation on Benchmarks used for settlement of financial contracts.

The Nasdaq Salmon Index and the Fish Pool Index settlement price are Benchmarks.  From January 2020 these indices will be under supervision by the Financial Supervisory Authorities.  This give the users added security of the quality and correctness of the prices indices.

The Nasdaq price is based on documented invoices sent from Norwegian exporters, and Kontali Analyse audits the reporters.  SSB is produced by Statistics Norway.  Both are thus very solid and well documented indices.

There are more than 40 European companies from 14 different European countries reporting spot purchase prices in the European Buyers Index.  We thus consider the index to be very solid, but at present it does not comply with the strict Benchmark Regulation rules.  We have thus excluded the index from the calculation of the Fish Pool Index settlement price for all financial contracts.  We will however continue to operate this European Buyers Index, and possibly include again in the Fish Pool Index.  As Nasdaq Salmon Index is now weighted 95%, we hope the exporters understand that it is very important to have as many as possible of the exporters reporting to Nasdaq.

The changes in settlement price, Fish Pool Index would have been the following if we had used the new calculation (95% Nasdaq and 5% SSB export price) the latest 2 years:

  • + 0,05 NOK/kg for 2018,
  • + 0,02 NOK/kg for 2019 so far week 1-47, equal to 0,3% change

So very small change for the buyers and sellers using Fish Pool contracts to secure their income and cost expected with the new formula in 2020 contracts onwards

Please see overview of the FAQ,  Frequently Asked Questions, of the Nasdaq price. For reporting procedures and historical figures, please see Nasdaq Salmon Index

Presentations Fish Pool/Nasdaq Christmas seminar

Team Fish Pool and team Nasdaq wish to thank speakers and all participants for attending this year’s Christmas seminar.

Please find presentations below. Hope to see you again next year!

Welcome. Søren Martens, Fish Pool

Fish Pool entering the European commodity market. Håvard Abrahamsen, Oslo Stock Exchange

Why did we miss the salmon tsunami? Kolbjørn Giskeødegård, Nordea

Insight and Q&A. Paul Aandahl, Norwegian Seafood Council

Salmon in a global macro context. An ocean of opportunities. Hogne Tyssøy, Holberg Fondene

The real world of commodity markets. Jan Bylov, Jyske Bank




Presentations Fish Pool/DNB Brussels seminar 2019

Team Fish Pool and team DNB Seafood wish to thank the presenters and participants for attending our annual seminar in Brussels.

Please find presentations below. Hope to see you again next year!

The beauty of financial contracts by Søren Martens, Fish Pool

I know when to hedge! Using analytics by Tom Bundgaard, Kairos Commodities

How to trade at Fish Pool in Euro by Sebastian Malmstein, DNB

Why everyone else is wrong by Alexander Aukner, DNB Markets

Finding new ways to sell salmon by Tim Brouwer, Visscher Seafood

Trend changes in sales by Fernando Bueno, Integra

Scenarios and drivers for high and low prices in 2019-2020 by Ragnar Nystøyl, Kontali 


Update! Program Fish Pool/DNB seminar in Brussels 2019

We have an update to our program for this year’s seminar in Brussels!

DNB’s own seafood analyst Alexander Aukner has joined the program and will share their view on the salmon market.

Last year the seminar reached 260 participants! There is still some seats left, please click the program below and sign up you and your colleagues now.

Team Fish Pool and team DNB Seafood hope to see you there.

Seminar Brussel 2019

Program ready for Fish Pool/DNB seminar in Brussels 2019

The program for this year’s Brussels seminar on the 6th of May is ready!
The seminar focuses on price development and how to manage price risk using financial contracts.

Not saved your seat yet? Click the program below to sign up you and your colleagues!
Last year the seminar reached over 250 participants.

Team Fish Pool and team DNB Seafood look forward to seeing you there!

Seminar Brusssel 2019