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New FAQ about Nasdaq Salmon Index

Curious about Nasdaq Salmon Index? What is reported to the index, and how is it calculated?

We have updated the document “Frequently asked questions” (FAQ) about Nasdaq Salmon Index, and made a video where we explain the different topics.

Click here for the FAQ, and here for viewing the video. Video no.3 called “All you want to know about Nasdaq Salmon Index”, note that below the video you’ll find timestamps for the different topics.



Brief summary 2017 prices

Average spot price for settlement of all financial contracts was 60,88 NOK/kg or 6,54 EUR/kg for Y-2017.  The financial contracts are settled against Fish Pool Index (FPI), an average weekly spot price for SUP3-6 kg salmon with the following index elements:

  • 85 % Nasdaq Salmon Index
  • 10 % SSB export prices – Statistics Norway custom statistics
  • 5 % Fish Pool European Buyers Index

The graph below shows the weekly prices in all three index elements during 2017. Nasdaq Salmon Index (NQS) and Fish Pool European Buyers Index (FPEBI) contain spot prices only. The export price from Statistics Norway (SSB) contains invoices of all exported salmon from Norway, also fixed price contracts.

The graph illustrates clearly lower weekly SSB pricing in the weeks with high spot prices, above 70 NOK/kg. This is due to lower observed contract prices than spot prices. At the end of the year, with spot prices below 60 NOK/kg, the contract element in SSB keeps this index higher than the spot price as observed by NQS and FPEBI. NQS and FPEBI correlated very closely during 2017.

There are no available information of volume sold in fixed price contracts or prices in such contracts.

Development index elements 2017

Market and Trade Surveillance

Oslo Børs (Oslo Stock Exchange) Market Surveillance has on request from Fish Pool AS
A (Fish Pool) conducted a control and analysis of trades completed at thesherlock-holmes-2 Fish Pool Exchange from 01.01.2014 to 27.10.2016.

The market surveillance at Oslo Børs has not discovered any signs or indications on market manipulation based on the criteria in the Regulations to the Securities Trading Act during the three-year period.

Read the report here.