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Fish Pool provided the possibility to trade Asian options earlier. Due to low liquidity Fish Pool decided to withheld the product for now.  Please find information explaining the product below, and do not hesitate to contact us with interest or questions regarding options for Atlantic salmon.

If you want to prevent increase in prices above a certain level (a roof), you can buy call options with Fish Pool. A buyer of an option is named the option holder. For a premium paid to the writer (seller) of the option you will enjoy lower prices without being afraid of an increase above the agreed “roof”.

The opposite is also possible: if you want to prevent prices lower than a certain level (a “floor”), you can buy a put option. As for call options, a premium must be paid to the writer.

It is also possible to be the writer of both call and put options.

Options can be used in a number of different ways to create strategies that take your personal need or market expectation into account. Call our trading desk at +47 55 70 67 00 to discuss the possibilities available.