Fish Pool European Buyers Index

In addition to administrating Fish Pool Index, Fish Pool also administrates the Fish Pool European Buyers Index (FPEBI) that is operated and revised by Oslo Stock Exchange.

FPEBI is the reported purchasing price, reported from app. 35 different European buyers from all over Europe.

Nasdaq Salmon Index (NSI) is composed of sales volume report by Norwegian exporters and calculated to FCA Oslo. FPEBI is the “mirror” to NSI, where buyers report their purchasing price, also calculated to FCA Oslo. With both indexes having the same measurement point, the two indexes function as a benchmark for each other.

Who can report?

The minimum requirement for reporting is purchase of one full truck a week on average. Only directly imported purchase transported by truck to Europe is reported.

What is reported?

Price and volume of last week’s spot purchase shall be reported.
Deliveries agreed at Nasdaq Salmon Index or any other index are not included.

The product reported is superior quality (incl. Global Gap). Other special certifications like ASC, Label Rouge, ecologic salmon, etc. is not included. The product is also fresh, head-on-gutted salmon.

What does a reporting company get in return?

Reporting to the index is free of charge and the companies receive a weekly benchmark of their own purchase compared to the average European buyer. The reporting companies also get access to all their historical reported data.


A few employees at Oslo Stock Exchange have insight into the reported figures. They monitor the index on a weekly basis. This is to make sure there are no manual errors in the reported figures and that they are not manipulated. On a monthly basis, a few employees at Oslo Stock Exchange arrange an audit.

Participating in the index is anonymous. Only the average price of 3-6 kg (volume weighted in the same way as Fish Pool Index; 30% 3-4 kg, 40% 4-5 kg and 30% 5-6 kg) is public.

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