Forward Prices

The forward prices reflect the expectations of the Fish Pool’s Members for the coming months, based on contracts and orders.

Forward Price History

As the forward prices are ever changing. Fish Pool maintains a database for the historical forward prices for all periods.


Fish Pool Index™

Fish Pool Index™ (FPI) is the Monthly Settlement Price used for financial settlement of all contracts at Fish Pool ASA.

Price History

Fish Pool Index™ (FPI) is collected weekly. The price history shows the official weekly, monthly and annual FPI observations.

FPI™ Weekly Details

Fish Pool Index™ (FPI) consists of two index elements; Nasdaq Salmon Index and Statistics Norway’s customs statistics (SSB).

Price Tool

Fish Pool developed tool to ease the process of comparing own prices with the relevant market prices during any given period.

Fish Pool European Buyers Index

Fish Pool European Buyers Index (FPEBI) is the reported purchasing price, reported from European buyers from all over Europe.


Fish Pool Price Status

Our weekly Price Status report is published every Wednesday. A summary of exports, prices, past trades and futures prices.

Nasdaq Salmon Index

Nasdaq Salmon Index is the weekly exporters selling price reported for fresh Superior Atlantic Salmon, head on gutted (HOG).