Fish Pool market surveillance

fish p_word _guidelines to app 4Fish Pool market surveillance

Fish Pool is a regulated market with a licence from the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, under surveillance from Finanstilsynet (the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway).  Fish Pools market must function in accordance with laws and regulations, Fish Pools Rulebook and the public opinions expectations to a regulated market.

Fish Pool is MiFID II compliant and governed by the same rules as regulated financial markets in all EU countries.  The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) is a European regulation that secures the transparency across the European Union’s financial markets and standardizes the regulatory disclosures required for firms operating in the European Union.

Fish Pool market surveillance is obliged to follow the trading activity closely to detect unlawful activities and ensure continuous compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.  Trading activity that Fish Pool market surveillance suspects or concludes as a breach of laws and/or regulations will be reported to The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.

Oslo Børs (Oslo Stock Exchange) has a department specialised in market surveillance of the shares and bond markets. From May 4th 2020 this department is also surveying the Fish Pool market. The considerations behind the market conduct rules are basically the same for all exchanges; securing against any kind of market manipulation or insider trading.

Fish Pool market surveillance investigates:

  • Manipulation of Fish Pools contract prices, including trading at artificial levels to move the price at own advantage
  • Insider trading
  • False or misleading information made publish for own advantage
  • Other relevant cases within market surveillance

Fish Pools employees and trade members are obliged to report to Fish Pool any potential breach relevant for Fish Pool market surveillance according to Fish Pool Rulebook. The public is encouraged to report any potential breach.

Guidelines to App. 4 to the Rulebook,  the Market Conduct Rules

According to the Market Conduct Rules, if the Trade Member is in doubt concerning these rules, the Member may consult Fish Pool market surveillance on how to act. Please note that guidance in such respects is not a binding opinion, nor shall Fish Pool be liable for any advice given in such respects. These guidelines  are made public to give predictability for our Trade Members concerning Market manipulation and Insider trading.

Contact details:

Fish Pool market surveillance: or call +47 22 34 19 11 (calls will be recorded).

Note that Fish Pool tapes all phone calls according to Fish Pool Rulebook and Fish Pool privacy policy.