Volumes and Open interest

Below is the traded volumes and open interest up until the last closed month. The traded months at Fish Pool are officially closed on the second Friday after the last calendar day of the previous month.

Vol OI Dec21

Open interest and position limits at Fish Pool

On Dec 31st 2021 the Open interest in salmon futures listed at Fish Pool was 51 372 tons held by end-users.  Please note that this Open Interest differs from the Open Interest found on the Nasdaq clearing Website as the Clearinghouse open interest.  Nasdaq Clearing nets positions done by Financial institutions trading in their own name.  Fish Pool is informed of the end-clients being the owner of the positions traded by a Financial institution at Fish Pool.  The Fish Pool open interest calculation is thus based on all open end-user positions done as Direct Members, financial institutions and General Clearing Members. Fish Pool conducts position management control according to the Fish Pool Rulebook chapter 8. Finanstilsynet and The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has set the following position limits for Fish Pool:

  • 23 400 tons spot month
  • 20 800 tons other months

Please note that (non-financial ie industrial) Fish Pool Trade Members and companies doing financial Fish Pool contracts using a bank, may fill in this  Application , and thus be exempted for all Risk-reducing positons (hedges done at Fish Pool).  This application is to be used also for non-Norwegian companies, as Finanstilsynet Norway handles this for countries (both inside and outside of the EEA, European Economic Area).  Please see Regulatory information on www.fishpool.eu  or call us for more information.