Contracts are reported to a clearing house to eliminate counterpart risk. The Clearing house secures the future pay-outs and makes sure that all clearing members are continuously able to fulfil their obligation.


The share of cleared contracts with Fish Pool has increased steadily since 2006 and is now 100 %. This development is a result of increased awareness of counterparty risk among the market participants and focus on the possibility of portfolio management.

From the very beginning, Fish Pool has worked close with the clearinghouse Nasdaq Clearing (earlier NOS Clearing). All members interested in trading cleared contracts need a membership with Nasdaq or contact with a Nasdaq member that trades on behalf of the company.

Read about the advantages of Clearing and the offerings at Nasdaq Commodities here and do not hesitate to contact Nasdaq Commodities if you have any questions:

Phone: +47 6752 8032

Useful links

Follow the links below to learn more on some of the most important issues of clearing directly from Nasdaq’s website:

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