About Fish Pool ASA

Our vision:

Fish Pool is to be the global exchange for price hedging of fish and seafood products

Our mission:

Fish Pool creates predictability in risk exposed fish and seafood markets

Our core values:

Integrity, Dedicated, Competent and Down-to-earth

About Fish Pool ASA

Fish Pool ASA is established as an international, regulated marketplace for buying and selling of financial salmon contracts. Fish Pool ASA was established in 2005 and is located in Bergen, Norway. Oslo Børs ASA owns 97 % of the shares in Fish Pool ASA.

Fish Pool ASA is licensed by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance to operate as a regulated marketplace for commodity derivatives with fish and seafood as underlying products. We are bound by the rules of our license and under surveillance of The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet). Please find our Rulebook here.

All trading members at Fish Pool ASA are guaranteed:

  • Neutrality and equal treatment of all market participants
  • Secure trading with appropriate quality assurances
  • Objectivity and high ethical standards

Fish Pool ASA does not offer physical trading of fish or salmon. We only deal with financial contracts, and all contracts are cleared and future contracts. Clearing services are operated by our cooperative partner, Nasdaq OMX. To learn more about clearing, click here.

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