The Fish Pool team has a keen interest in the seafood markets and a long track record of serving the industry. Fish Pool aims to provide the most relevant and updated information through voice brokering, its online trading system, and seminars.

Voice Brokering

Fish Pool has skilled and competent exchange brokers that offer voice brokering as well as support for using our electronic trading system. Our exchange brokers have a keen interest in the seafood markets and a strong academic record. We focus on building and maintaining a good relationships with our clients.

English and Norwegian are the common languages at our Exchange Desk, but we also serve clients in German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Direct line to the exchange brokers: +47 55 70 67 00.

Online Trading

To offer a best possible service to our clients, we believe in a combined possibility of online trading and voice brokering.

Please visit our online trading system at or by following the link in the upper right hand corner.

Our trading system is tailormade for the seafood industry and is the most convenient way for our clients to expose interests or hit prices. All those interested in following the market are invited to register as a user. You can do so by following this link or by contacting our Exchange Desk either by or phone +47 55 70 67 00.

Do you have questions about Fish Pool Market? Read this user guide or call us for assistance.

Seminars and consultancy

Fish Pool both offer and organise courses and seminars on request.


  • Exporters seminars focusing on incoterms, calculations and risks related to different contracts.
  • Board meetings, often with a special focus on optimizing every profit centre or development of strategy documents for hedging.
  • Training of teams/new employees: introduction to the salmon industry, where to collect valuable information, different calculations, useful excel spreadsheets, etc.


  • Thorough analysis of sales organisations to increase profits. Operational procedures, pricing and profit analysis, sales planning and supporting functions, including conclusive report with to-do list.
  • Ad-hoc consultancy for sales, purchasing and contracting strategy.
  • Providing analysis and infrastructure for establish futures markets for other seafood markets world-wide

Annual seminars

Brussels Seafood Expo

Fish Pool’s annual seminar before Seafood Expo Global takes place Monday before the expo. This is one of our most popular seminars with a large variety of participants from all parts of the market.

Fish Pool also invite trading customers to our bar evening Tuesday.

Fish Pool Christmas Seminar

Fish Pools traditional Christmas Seminar will highlight topics of common interest in the seafood industry. The seminar is held late November in Bergen, Norway.

Research and Development

Fish Pool is always keen to initiate and help out in R&D projects – both large and small once.
Please contact us on if you have any suggestions for cooperation.

Students interested in writing their Master Thesis within a subject relevant to Fish Pool are welcome to contact us at