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Presentations from Fish Pool/Nasdaq Christmas seminar

Team Fish Pool and team Nasdaq wish to thank speakers and all participants for attending this year’s Christmas seminar.

Please find presentations below. Hope to see you again next year!

Fish Pool, an important part of Euronext, the leading European exchange. Nick Kennedy, Euronext.

Nordic market trends and value chain implications. Edgard Heitmann, Insula.

Will salmon growth continue in Spain? Bjørn-Erik Stabell, Norwegian Seafood Council.

Bull signals: reasons for strong salmon prices. Martin Kaland, ABG Sundal Collier.

Bear signals: reasons for weak salmon prices. Carl-Emil K. Johannessen, Pareto Securities.

Seminar program



Presentations from Fish Pool Webinar, Sep 28th

Today we arranged a successful webinar, and Fish Pool would like to thank the speakers for presenting and thank all participants for joining.

Please find presentations and program below.

Welcome and introduction by Søren Martens. Fish Pool

Status update salmon production by Carl-Emil K. Johannessen. Pareto Securities

Demand in reopened markets UK by Hans Frode Asmyhr. Norwegian Seafood Council



Fee adjustments for General Clearing Members and Financial institutions. No change in fee for Fish Pool Trade Members

To strengthen distribution Fish Pool and Nasdaq Clearing has since 2015 had 30% discount for General Clearing Members, GCM, and Financial institutions trading on behalf of other companies.

This process has been successful as the majority of volume is now traded through General Clearing Members and Financial institutions.

In agreement with Nasdaq Clearing the Fish Pool board of Directors has decided to reduce this discount to 20%. The trading fee will be adjusted from 0,07 to 0,08 NOK/kg for Non-Clearing Trade members and financial institutions.  Clearing fee is adjusted from 0,06 to 0,07 NOK/kg see below.

Trading fee for Trade members is unchanged at 0,10 NOK/kg and Clearing fee for Direct Clearing Member is unchanged at 0,085 NOK/kg.

Fish Pool will implement the increased fee for orders traded also from April 1st 2021.  Please find enclosed the updated App 3 fee list with “Track changes”.

Here is a link to the fee list for trading and clearing .

Please call Soren +47 5570 6702 for any question

Published: 2021-02-25 14:53 +0000 GMT | Source: Nasdaq Commodities

no 7/21 Nasdaq Commodities to adjust Clearing fee for seafood on April 1 2021

Effective April 1st Nasdaq will adjust the clearing fee for GCMs on seafood contracts.

New clearing fee will be 0,07 NOK/kg

Clearing fee for Clearing Members will remain unchanged.

Link to complete fee list:

For further information, please contact Nasdaq Commodities:

Anette Bergvoll Nilsen, Sales Director Commodities, phone +47 99 36 09 09,

Media contact:

David Augustsson, Head of Communications, Nasdaq Commodities Europe, phone +46 734496135

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New FAQ about Nasdaq Salmon Index

Curious about Nasdaq Salmon Index? What is reported to the index, and how is it calculated?

We have updated the document “Frequently asked questions” (FAQ) about Nasdaq Salmon Index, and made a video where we explain the different topics.

Click here for the FAQ, and here for viewing the video. Video no.3 called “All you want to know about Nasdaq Salmon Index”, note that below the video you’ll find timestamps for the different topics.



Presentations from webinar, 18.11.2020

Team Fish Pool wishes to thank all speakers and attendees at today’s webinar.

Please find presentations below, and hope to see you on our next webinar.

Welcome and introduction by Søren Martens, Fish Pool

Supply Outlook by Lars Konrad Johnsen, Carnegie

Covid driven changes in consumption (Germany) by Kristin Pettersen, the Norwegian Seafood Council

Covid driven changes in consumption (France) by Trine Horne. the Norwegian Seafood Council



Fish Pool Christmas Webinar 18.11.2020

Due to Covid-19 we sadly, but naturally, have decided to cancel our annual Christmas seminar this year.

In these digital days we are however hosting a webinar on the same date, 18th of November. Program and information below. The webinar is a live event.

Please follow link below for registration. You can also click the picture below for registration.

We look forward to seeing you online, and hope to greet you in person soon.