Fish Pool ASA is licensed by The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway as an exchange. The authorisation requires Fish Pool to comply with a set of rules and regulations, among others to secure an equal treatment of all trade members.

The Trade Membership Agreement and Rulebook below is therefore valid without exception for all trade members.

Agreements for trading at Fish Pool ASA

By signing Trade membership agreement, you accept the Terms of the Rulebook and the Appendices.

Trade membership agreement

Appendix 1 to the TMA – Add new trader

Any trader can be given authorisation to execute trades through Fish Pool trading system. Appendix 5 (below) must be signed  and returned to Fish Pool before such authorisation is given.

Other Trading Agreements:

Non-Clearing membership agreement

Financial Institutions Trade Membship Agreement

Broker membership agreement

Rulebook for trading at Fish Pool

Rulebook 5.1


Appendix 1 Product specifications

Appendix 2 Fish Pool Index

Appendix 3 Fee List

Appendix 5 ETS-agreement

Appendix 5-2 App til ETS

Appendix 6 Market Conduct Rules

Appendix 7 Ethical Guidelines

Appendix 8 Options

Appendix 9 Market Maker Agreement

Agreements and rules for clearing at Nasdaq

To trade cleared contracts at Fish Pool you need a Clearing Membership Agreement with Nasdaq. Click this link and follow the steps of how to become a member.