Become a Trade Member at Fish Pool by signing our Trade Membership Agreement accepting the standard terms of the Rulebook and Appendices.


How to become a member

You need to be approved as a member in order to trade at Fish Pool. The first step to become a member is to call us by phone or apply for membership by filling out the Trade Membership Application. The company is a trade member when the Trade membership agreement is signed and returned by Fish Pool’s CEO and a board member.

All members at an exchange are treated equally and have the same terms.  By signing the Trade membership agreement you accept the standard terms of the Rulebook and the Appendices and the fee list.

There are currently no fixed annual fees charged for membership at Fish Pool.The only cost is variable trading fees, when a trade has been done, see fee list.

For more information regarding the application process, please contact our trading desk at or tel. +47 55 70 67 00.

Clearing member

All contracts traded at Fish Pool are cleared through Nasdaq Clearing. This gives anonymous trading and settlement guaranteed by Nasdaq Clearing. Read more about the benefits of clearing here.

An approved Fish Pool-member, has the opportunity to apply for clearing membership with Nasdaq. Click here for more information on Nasdaq’s legal framework and agreements.

You are entitled to trade cleared contracts at Fish Pool market place as soon as your company is approved by Nasdaq. The application process normally takes 1 to 3 weeks.

Clearing Membership at Nasdaq Commodities

Nasdaq Commodities offers different Membership Categories to its clearing customers. Read about how to become a member of Nasdaq Commodities here.

Contact Nasdaq Commodities:

Phone: +47 6752 8032

General Clearing Member

Fish Pool and Nasdaq welcome General Clearing Members (GCMs) as members. Please contact Nasdaq Commodities at +47 6752 8032 or for more information and how to get set up.

Fish Pool Rulebook and application forms are found here, read about how to become a GCM member of Nasdaq Commodities here.

AII Codes for reporting to the The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway

General Clearing Members (GCM = ‘konsesjon som verdipapirforetak’) are obliged to use the enclosed codes when reporting transactions at Fish Pool to the The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (‘Finanstilsynet’). This applies to GCM’s only. Fish Pool members with direct Clearing membership with NASDAQ OMX are not obliged to this reporting.