The Rulebook contains a set of rules with respect to trading at Fish Pool and applies to all seeking to perform trading activity at Fish Pool.


Fish Pool ASA is licensed by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and under supervision by The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway as a regulated market. This authorisation requires Fish Pool to comply with a set of rules and regulations, among other to secure equal treatment of all trade members and transparency of all orders and contracts.

The Trade Membership Agreement and Rulebook below is therefore valid without exception for all trade members.

To become a Trade Member at Fish Pool, please see Membership.

Agreements for trading at Fish Pool ASA

By signing a trade membership agreement, you accept the Terms of the Rulebook and the Appendices.

Rulebook for trading at Fish Pool

      Changes from version Rulebook 6.1


Agreements and rules for clearing at Nasdaq

To trade cleared contracts at Fish Pool you need a Clearing Membership Agreement with Nasdaq. Click this link and follow the steps of how to become a member.

Guidelines to App. 4 to the Rulebook, the Market Conduct Rules

According to the Market Conduct Rules, if the Trade Member is in doubt concerning these rules, the Member may consult Fish Pool market surveillance on how to act. Please note that guidance in such respects is not a binding opinion, nor shall Fish Pool be liable for any advice given in such respects. These guidelines are made public to give predictability for our Trade Members concerning Market manipulation and Insider trading.